Bank Holiday Monday

Please be aware the Council offices will be closed for the Bank Holiday Monday on May 29th and will reopen on Tuesday, May 30th

Before you make a planning application, we recommend that you consider using our pre-application advice service.

We can provide you with detailed comments relating to your proposed development and they are a means of identifying any issues at an early stage, which could save you time and money and improve your chances of having your proposal approved.

Informal pre-application advice

The Council offers a basic level of informal advice free of charge which will allow you to identify some broad principles and issues associated with your proposed development. This is provided through the Council’s duty officer system where a Planning Duty Officer is available on Monday (9am to 12noon), and Wednesday and Thursday afternoons (1pm to 4pm).

The Planning Duty Officer is contactable either by telephone on 01263 516158 or by visiting the Council offices on a non-appointment only basis. Any advice given will be general in character and will only be provided orally with no written follow up.

Note that no written advice will be provided under this Service.

Formal pre-application advice

If you would like a more formal detailed written response in respect of a development proposal, you will be required to complete a pre-application request form and submit appropriate plans and details together with the appropriate fee.