Norfolk County Council elections and General Election

Elections will take place on 4 May 2017 to elect County Councillors and on 8 June 2017 to elect the North Norfolk MP

You must tell us straight away of any change in your circumstances as this may have an effect on the amount of Housing and/or Council Tax Support you are entitled to.

If you don't tell us about a change of circumstances you could lose benefit or be paid too much benefit.

If a change will mean that you are entitled to more benefit, we will only update your award from the Monday after you tell us about it, unless you tell us within one month of the change.

If you do tell us about the change within one month or if the change will mean that you are entitled to less benefit, your claim will be updated from the Monday after the change occurred, this may mean you have been paid too much and you will be required to repay any overpayments.

What if a change is causing me hardship?

Social Security Law governs the amount of Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support you are entitled to.

However, the Council is sometimes able to provide addition help for anyone who is not entitled to receive full benefit.

If you think that your circumstances are causing you hardship please see our Discretionary Housing Payments page.