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How to apply for a new address for a new property or properties

If you are developing a new property or properties it is important to register the address as soon as building work commences. This will ensure that the properties will have an allocated address before residents move in and prevent problems arranging refuse collection, delivery of items or changing utilities details.

Please select the correct form below depending on whether the development involves the creation of a new road, or will form part of an existing one.

Fees and charges for new property addresses

Please note, these charges are not subject to VAT. In all cases where fees charged in accordance with the above schedule exceed £1500 a maximum fee of £1500 would be payable.

Item Cost
Naming of new street, consultation process and notification of decision Single streets - £125
2 to 5 streets - £250
5+ streets - £500
Street Numbering Schemes:
1 - 5 plots
6 - 10 plots
11 - 50 plots
50+ plots
£80 per plot
£70 per plot
£60 per plot
£50 per plot
Numbering of a new block of flats/building Fees as above based on number of units
Change to an existing address that is incorrectly held by us Free